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Personal Poems for perfect pets!

With so many of us spending increasing amounts of time at home, our pets have become a lifeline, filling our lives with joy and affection (and enough love that we don't even mind clearing up their poop!)

To show your pet some love, here are five top tips for writing your own Personal Poem for a beloved pet!

1) Include all nicknames (well, within reason!)

2) Describe their personality in a few words

3) Say where they sleep

4) Mention their favourite thing to look at and/or play with

5) Highlight the many ways they show their love

One of our cats is a naughty-tortie, sassy doesn't begin to describe her. (Perhaps you can see that from her picture!)

Here is my poem for her, using the 5 top tips above. I hope this inspires you to pen your own ode to your fur baby (or feather-baby, or even scale-baby, for owners of equally sassy and affectionate reptiles, fish and amphibians!)


Bubba, Bittly Bup Bup Boo, my feisty furry missus, You reject all my affection, you swipe away my kisses You snooze upon my windowsill, aloof, so vain and snooty (Unless you see a bird and then you're up on sentry duty!) And yet, on some occasions, I might see a little glimmer Of the love you have for mama - oh hang on, you just want dinner!

Happy writing! Love Rosie x

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