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Send some poetic love this Christmas!

Happy 1st December!

Frosty days, check! Decorations up, check! Advent calendars, check! Hooray - we can officially begin the Christmas countdown! Whilst we have no idea what Christmas may (or may not!) look like this year, we do know that it has never been more important to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us - whether that's over the phone, in person or by sending a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

So, I am delighted to launch beautifully bespoke Christmas gifts from Personal Poems - your one stop gift shop for sending festive love this season.

Each poem is unique and written especially for the recipient. Poems can be personalised with photos upon request. Poems cost £39 each and payment is collected via invoice once you are happy! At the moment, I can only take orders from UK-based customers.

To create the poem, I need a few details about the gift recipient, such as their hobbies, nicknames and any special memories you have of them. It's often fun to include names and anecdotes of pets too!

Any questions, just drop me a line on ''

Love Rosie x

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