Below are some extracts from personal poems along with the relevant snippet of each brief.

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Written for a teaching colleague as a memoir of shared learning and laughter together.

What a year, what a blast

(Not sure how it went so fast!)

But somehow we've ended up in late July

And it's with such a heavy heart

That the time's come to depart,

And I have to wave a hand and say goodbye...

Written for a feisty feline.

I look in your eyes and I see only light

My beautiful princess, my only delight

My darling, my cherub, the one I adore

So don't swipe me Mrs - with that feisty paw!

Written for a 100th birthday celebration.

In 1915 so begins this ode

A baby girl delivered in Paddington, South Wharf Road

Future unsteady in the mist of World War

Impossible to predict what life would have in store...

Written for a family member who had received the all clear for bowel cancer. 

The appointments and blood tests,

The trips to and fro

The unmentionables that took place down below

The waiting, anxiety and gnashing of teeth

Have now all been replaced by a great sense of relief.

The results are conclusive, your cancer seems clearer,

You can compete with Beyonce for the rest of the year-er!