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Spread some love this Valentines Day with Personal Poems

Love comes in all forms but spelling it out can seem a daunting task. Valentines

Day is an opportunity to express how we feel, and a poem can capture the moment perfectly. Here are 3 top tips for writing your own Personal Poem to celebrate our Lockdown Valentines Day:

1) Go with your gut! Set a 30 second timer and write down everything that springs to mind about your Valentine. This is the contents of your poem – easy!

2) Choose a theme appropriate to your Valentine - such as their favourite place, sport or colour - and use it to tie your ideas from step one altogether.

3) Don’t panic! It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to rhyme (particularly if your beloved is a fan of oranges!)

As an expression of love, a poem in any form is as strong and sincere as a hug. And, after the year we’ve had, a socially distanced poetic hug might be the best gift of all.

Happy creating! Love Rosie x

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