Written for a feline friend.

I look in your eyes and I see only light
My beautiful princess, my only delight
My darling, my cherub the one I adore
So don't swipe me Mrs - with that feisty paw!

I offer you love and playtime and treats
As you -ahem!- on the floor and get fur on the seats.

You remain so aloof, for us plebs no regard

You'd be lethal I'm sure with my contactless card!

You terrorise the wildlife with your outdoor patrols

(There are less fearsome creatures awaiting parole)

You snooze on the laptop and my most expensive coat

And if I try to remove you, you go for the throat!

I wish you would come and curl up on my lap,
Just think we could play, have cuddles, a nap
But no, you're too sophisticated for little old me
And would rather chase a squirrel up a ninety-foot tree!

Your fur is so luscious, I just want to pet it
But with those claws on the loose I had better forget it!

You shoot off from the back door, independent, alone

A Queen of the garden on her water-butt throne.

You cling to the curtains with all of your force
And you eat my begonias, no hint of remorse
And yet I still purchase the best quality tins -
You may have guessed, I own a cat for my sins!