Written for a teaching colleague as a memoir of shared learning and laughter together.

What a year, what a blast

(Not sure how it went so fast!)

But somehow we've ended up in late July,

And it's with such a heavy heart

That the time's come to depart

And I have to wave a hand and say goodbye.

You've been such a great support

When it's been frantic and been fraught

And I don't know what I'll do from September,

Because I won't have you to greet

(And nab a spare fast learning sheet!)

And know all the things I didn't quite remember!

It just won't be the same

Without our laughs and silly games

And our argy-bargy getting to the printer,

Without our grumbles, moans and bitches

(And your frequent computer glitches)

You might need some more duct tape to fix the inter(net!)

I'll miss our PPA,

To the library and cafe

And our lunches outside sitting in the sun,

I'll miss discussing family sagas

(And BBQ-ing time swinging lagers!)

And the ridiculousness of our daily fun!

Please lets keep in touch

(And don't work late too much!)

Perhaps now and then I can come and visit?

So don't despair and don't dread

That it's Henry instead

As a partner in crime, you have been exquisite!