A poem written for a 100th Birthday celebration.

In 1915, so begins this ode,

A baby girl delivered in Paddington, South Wharf Road.

Future unsteady in the midst of World War

Impossible to predict what life would have in store...

But you grew up healthy and strong, 7th child of 8

And enjoyed days out in Southend, with Kate

Working hard at Waterman’s Ink

 And then meeting Jimmy, finding love in a blink.

A marriage in ’36, barely aged 20

But love and happiness, together you had plenty.

A few blissful years with 2 little girls

Before the threat of World War once again unfurls...

Choosing not to leave London, tackle the Blitz head-on

Few today would have been so strong.

But the 50s saw you looking ahead, a new start

With a television, phone… and a Ford popular!

Spending the summers in Corton and Dovercourt

And Warner Camps - the ideal holiday resort!

And then moving to Willesdon before settling here

Filling our lives with laughter and cheer.

So I propose a toast to you Kitty, and I think it should be sung

A very happy birthday – you are 100 years young!